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This is a link to my other sort-of comic, more of my random image and thought repository.
Please check it out, I'd enjoy your feedback:
Reason Loves Murder, don't you?

The following friends are the supporters of this fine page...well, emotional support at least:

All Men Are Pigs, and I tend to agree!
All Men R Pigs...a page to see fine babes in compromising positions (currently down, sorry)!

The Keeper's page!
The Keeper's page...a great place to find jokes, beautiful women, and breast scans! An online institution!

Liz Hubbard, a fine babe and guest star!
Liz online friend who volunteered (sort of) to guest star here. Still working on her sex scene, but a great, beautiful girl.

Angelique in the long tradition of beautiful, sexy, web-models who have graced our comic. Great stuff here, and not just her goods.

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I get nothing for this, in fact I stay up at night hoping it doesn't bring about my ruin like that time with the jello, the garden hose, and twelve tubes of caulk almost did...but hopefully it's good for a laugh or two...
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