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The cast of IDIØTS...

This is your artist.
Or at least this is something based loosely on his somewhat distorted self-image.
There is a whole Freudian case study/Greek epic at work in his miserable, twisted little head...but it makes for an interesting read for those humored by such depravity. Like you.
These are "the guys".
It has often been postulated by the "great philosophers of our time" that these individuals represent manifestations of earlier, less adult, parts of my psyche...

They theorize that the beer-swigging, mass womanizing fellow on the left is my younger self from the late high-school and early university years. Immature and vulgar, he is deep down insecure and longing for acceptance.
They also speculate that the slightly less vocal, slightly less vulgar, and non-beer-swigging fellow on the right is my post-collegian self. Still immature, and pretty obscene, he searches for a meaning to it all.

I think that's just a bunch of bullshit. My hair was much longer back then.

the guys
These are some of the "girls of IDIØTS".
Though sounding a little like it could be a Playboy pictorial, it is often debated that these females represent both my own flawed perception of women in general, and at the same time my own anima.

But though it is clear that my own "inner woman" is lesbian slut with serious image issues, I find the thinking that these girls represent elements of me to be quite flawed. I mean, they don't look anything like me?
This is Bob.
My shrink would probably tell you that Bob represents my fear of failure and of being ridiculed. This belief would have more weight to it if my "shrink" was something other than a little voice in my head that I often confuse with my "conscience" my "voice of reason" or "crazy Steve the Hungarian".

Bob is the lovable loser, and maybe occasional homicidal maniac.

There are a number of other minor characters in the comic, and maybe someday they will hit the big time and be listed on this page. I sure they stay up at night dreaming about that.

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I get nothing for this, in fact I stay up at night hoping it doesn't bring about my ruin like cheap beer and loose women already have...but hopefully it's good for a laugh or two...
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